1964 Disinformation Campaign: Operation Neptune. A Stunning Example of Cold War Information Warfare.

1964 Disinformation Campaign: Operation Neptune. A Stunning Example of Cold War Information Warfare.

Today for #ThrowbackThursday in our "Americans Against Disinformation" Facebook Group, I thought it would be fun to share and discuss this disinformation campaign from the 1960s. Join the Facebook Group to discuss this topic further.

In this 1964 disinformation operation, the Czechoslovak secret service, working with the KGB, participated in the sinking and staged discovery of four chests of Nazi intelligence documents which had been forged and made to appear as if they had been under water since World War II. These documents were designed to discredit Western politicians by revealing names of former Nazi informants who were still being used as spies in Eastern Europe. Ladislav Bittman, the Czechoslovak agent who defected to the West in 1968, originally placed the documents in Cerne Jezero, the Black Lake, and later led the divers, who were part of a documentary team, to make the discovery. Bittman, who ran the operation stated, “It was the Cold War and the goal was to re-awaken interest and discredit West German politicians. Another goal was to have the statute of limitations for war criminals, which would have expired in 1965, extended. Following the extensive media coverage, the countries that suffered during WWII demanded that the statute be prolonged. Germany eventually extended it and then agreed that there be no limited time in which their war criminals could be tried.”

Excerpt Taken from this publication  on the Cyber Defense Review website (https://cyberdefensereview.army.mil/)

So, do you think that things have gotten better or worse regarding foreign influence attempts? Or... is it kinda the same as before, just with different tools?

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