Professional Audio Recording
in Naperville IL


I offer high quality recording just 5 minutes from downtown Naperville in a comfortable home studio. Parking is never an issue and bringing in equipment is a breeze with our separate studio entrance. In addition to music we are also set up for recording podcasts. Recording rates start at $45 an hour. Please contact me for more details.

Music & Beat Production


If you need a beat or are looking for a production style similar to your favorite artist I can help you make it happen, no matter what style of music you are into!

Lyric Feedback &
Co-writing Opportunities


I love collaborating and working on music with different artists. If you are looking for feedback on one of your tunes or would like to work on a track collaboratively please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Software I Use



Ableton Live (Creative Music Production)

Protools (Vocal & Instrument Tracking)

Adobe Audition (V.O. & Podcasting)

Virtual Instruments
& Plugins

Komplete 11 Ultimate


Melodyne Studio

Addictive Drums

Output Virtual Instruments

Waves Plugins (Mercury Bundle)


iZotope Ozone 8

iZotope Neutron 3

FabFilter Plugins

Valhalla DSP Plugins

Soundtoys Plugins

& Many Many More…