Letter from the Executive Director - Together for Good Worldwide / Refugee Film School - November 2021

Letter from the Executive Director
November 2021 - Parker Meredith, Executive Director – Together for Good Worldwide, 501(c)(3)

I am humbled and gratefully accept the new position as Executive Director of Together for Good Worldwide. Thank you to Jana Stanfield for inviting me into this wonderful organization, which I’ve come to learn is guided by a powerful vision and a team of kind and loving souls.

Together, we joyfully say yes to equipping and empowering refugee students and their families, and growing this life-changing project to the best of our abilities. Together, I see us continuing to amplify the voices of young refugees who will be (and are) leaders in their communities, actively building a more empathetic and resilient world.

One of my initial objectives will be the consolidation of contacts to create a professional email list and effective newsletter marketing campaign (to further RFS initiatives and for fundraising events).

Another priority is the consolidation of accounting tasks and donation report generation. Establishing a clear, effective system will allow us to continue our work with the confidence that accounting and essential administrative tasks will be manageable and efficient.  The new system we will also be designed to automatically generate and send tax compliant donation receipts.

A website is often the first impression someone gets of our organization, and I anticipate upgrading our current online presence with a new website that is engaging for visitors, more “hands-on” for the students, and manageable for Leadership Team members.  

Students and leadership have expressed a desire for more “student ownership” of our web content. Our plan to continue with English language and graphic design lessons pairs perfectly with this desire, as we focus on student “content creation” and the goal of “amplifying” refugee voices. Similarly, our eNewsletter will act as a “school newspaper”, with students sharing about their cultures, interests, and other positive stories. We believe these student contributions will build relationship and community between students and current (and future) donors.

Our curriculum committee is doing a fantastic job with lesson planning and I am excited that we have chosen a “student interests first” approach;  personal projects are guided by what interest each student.

I personally hope we maintain the ESL curriculum and even expand on our existing efforts with qualified, volunteer ESL teachers.

The introduction of John Lee as our Executive Producer will help ensure student work opportunities are handled in a professional manner (this is critical as we move forward). The process of reviewing potential job/internship opportunities for students is being streamlined and further refined.

For all the work and contributions by board members, committees, and students that I have failed to mention in this brief letter, I want to acknowledge the profound worth of your contributions. Your work is improving the lives of everyone involved and I am personally grateful. All you do is an inspiration to me and a blessing to the world. Thank you.


Parker Meredith, Executive Director
Refugee Film School
Together for Good Worldwide